South End Centre E.M. School

ICSE & ISC(Affiliated to Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations,New Delhi)
181,Andul Road,Howrah, West Bengal- 711103

Contact No. :
(033) 2688-5156 / 7064
School Office
(033) 2668-5962 / 5963

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1. Wearing of prescribed school uniform is a must to attend the school, the Annual School Function and the Annual Excursion.


2. Just with the stroke of the first bell of the school every student in every class must stand up before respective seat in attention, observe pindrop silence and begin uttering the prayer in a disciplined manner.


3. Loitering outside the class room during class hours is strictly prohibited.


4. Going out from or entering into the class-room without permission of the teacher is prohibited and subject to imposition of penalty.


5. Students must take care of their personal belongings and keep those neat and tidy.


6. Prevalence of an environment saturated with morality and discipline in our school is being endeavoured with special care. Guardians are requested kindly to co- operate our project by ensuring regularity, punctuality and neatness in every aspect of their respective ward.


7. Students who are indisciplined and damaging to the healthy and lively environment of the school will be issued Transfer Certificates.


8. Barring Bengali and Hindi classes, students must speak in English.


9. All Correspondences must be addressed to the Principal / Rector.


10. If the school be attended once on any particular date, no permission will be granted to any student to leave the school until the school is over.


11. (A)  The decision of school authority with regard to promotion and any other school affair is final and binding on the students and guardians.
(B)  The school shall not entertain any requests for re-tests, re- examination from any student/ guardian.

12.  All students must attend their classes on the closing and re-opening dates of the school before        and after a vacation failing which the said absence will have to be substantiated by production of a suitable Medical Certificate.

13.   A student failing twice in the same class must be withdrawn.

14. Students suffering from infectious diseases will not be permitted to attend their classes until they are medically fit on production of a certificate of fitness.

15. All absence for sickness will have to be supported by the production of a suitable Medical Certificate.

16. Students must get themselves admitted within 15 days of the announcement of the results failing which they will be considered to have left the school and the resultant vacancy will be filed in by new students. Students desiring to leave the school must their application for Transfer Certificate within 15 days of the publication of the result. Students applying for Transfer Certificate after the expiry of the said 15 days will have to pay session Charges in full and other dues to the school upto the date of submission of application for Transfer Certificate.

17. i) All the dues to the school must be cleared before the commencement of the Examinations failing which permission to appear at the examination will be held up .
ii) Fees once paid cannot be refunded / adjusted under any circumstances.
iii) If any student fails, however. to comply with the above formality in time but is permitted anyhow to appear at examination  will not be given the Report Card unless he/ she pays for the same before three (3) working days of the publication of the result.
N.B.  The Report Card will, on no account be handed over to any student on the very date of clearing of his/ her default. It will rather be so done after the third working day from the date of payment of his/ her dues to the school. The guardians will have to apply for delivery of the Report Cards not taken on the scheduled date due to any reason.

18. Absence from the class must be brought to the notice of the class teacher through the school diary.

19. Damages caused to the school property by any student must have to be compensated by him/ her as decided upon and demanded by the school.

20. Any deliberate recurrence of such activities will ensure removal of the delinquent student from the school forthwith.

21. No student will be allowed to enter the school premise with any piece of paper during the examination. Adoption of unfair means in any examination, if detected, will tantamount to cancellation of the examination and issue of Transfer Certificate.

22. Intending participants to the Annual Sports & Games of the school must establish their physical fitness to be participants with a suitable certificate from a competent Medical Practitioner not below the rank of M.B.B.S.

23. Railway concession is admissible to the outstation students of this school for their journey to and from the respective hometown. In this connection the guardians are requested to submit applications for Railway fare concession to this school at least 20 days before the date of journey and 15 days before the commencement of the vacation.

24. Boy students must have their hair cut decently short.

25. No student shall have with him/ her any mobile phone, pager, transistor or other material not relevant to class- instructions for the day.